Dumper Hire

Dumpster Hire Tracked | Mini Dumper 750kg

This stand-on or walk -behind tracked mini dumper is useful for working within restricted spaces, small areas, or limited turning areas. It can be used where a conventional dumper may not be able to access or where there is restricted »

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1,000kg (1 ton) High Lift Dumper Hire

The 1,000kg (1ton) high tip features a 4 wheel hydrostatic drive system with hydraulic discharge facility. With a standard width of 1200mm, additional wheel option available reducing the width to 850mm for very tight access, these machines are ideal for tipping »

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Dumper Hire With Swivel Skip 3,000kg (3 ton)

This compact 3 ton swivel skip dumper is one of our most popular models. The added benefit of a swivel skip gives greater flexibility to discharge the pay-load, with out compromise. Although it is quite narrow it has the payload of 3 »

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Dumper Hire With Swivel Skip 6,000kg (6 ton)

These dumpers are for larger projects and rough or wet terrain. They are useful on road and highway projects and having the swivel skip makes manoeuvring easy within coned off areas. They are capable of a top speed of 20mph »

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Dumper Hire 9,000kg (9 ton) Straight Skip

Our 9,000kg  (9 ton) dumper is recommended for the largest of construction, civil, landscape projects has an impressive payload of 9 Ton. Is capable of moving large quantities of earth clay, day in, day out. Very popular for larger muck-shifting jobs »

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10,000kg (10 ton) Dumper Hire

10,000kg (10 ton) dumper ideal for very large muck shifting contracts. With a  payload of 10 ton, the largest in our range of conventional dumpers and can work with all large excavators on site.  Very popular for large muck-shifting jobs »

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