Mini Digger to Large Excavator Hire

Mini Digger Hire | Ultra Compact Kubota u10-3

The ultra compact high performance Kubota u10-3 can fit through a standard door way. It weighs 1,000kg (1 ton), also known as the "micro digger", it is able to adapt to small, restricted and confined areas. The Kubota »

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Mini Excavator Hire 1,500KG (1.5 TON) Kubota U17-3A

The 1500kg Kubota U17-3A (1.5ton) is used for working in small, confined areas with adequate performance for digging out footings for house extensions and medium sized gardens/driveway projects. This machine can easily be transported around with a »

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Excavator Hire 2.700 kg -  Volvo EC27

Excavator for hire this is our 2,500kg (2.5 ton),  sometimes referred to as a "3 ton Excavator", we have two models, one is EC25 weighing 2,649kg and EC27 weighing 2,790kg, both have a digging depth of over 3 metres. This size digger »

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Excavator hire 6,000kg (6 ton) Kubota KX57-4

Digger for hire, the 6,000kg (6 ton) excavator is capable of larger construction site clearance jobs and can load 8- wheeler tipper lorries on flat standing ground, as well as discharge into then centre of the 8-wheeler's body. It has »

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Excavator hire, 9,000kg (9 ton) Volvo ECR88 or Kubota KX080

Digger for hire, this 9,000kg (9 ton) digger capable of  accomplishing the most demanding tasks day in, day out and has the added benefit of short radius tail swing.  It also comes with a hydraulic quick hitch for easy »

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Excavator hire 13000kg (13 ton) JS130 excavator

JS130, 13 ton Steel tracked digger. Ideal for the much larger projects on sites, from Site Clearance, Muck-shifting. Large Drainage. Available with range of Buckets. »

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